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Sandbag Suppliers has been developed by SG Baker to provide national organisations, businesses and homeowners with the easiest and most informative sandbag service available. We have sandbags for sale, allowing you to buy direct from the manufacturer.

We are the largest suppliers of filled and unfilled sandbags in the UK and offer next day delivery to UK mainland*.

Same day delivery options are available, please call us to discuss your requirements.

All of our sand bags are manufactured to the highest quality and can be supplied filled or unfilled. Filled sandbags are delivered with the optimum amount of sharp sand to deliver a highly effective tool for flood defence. If you have an area vulnerable to flooding our flood sandbags are an essential part of your defences. Our sandbags are also used as army sandbags in a military enviroment.

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For orders above 60 filled or 300 empty sandbags please call 0800 612 9637 to discuss your requirements. If you have any questions about sandbags please click here.

*2-4 day service to Northern Scotland, Northern Ireland and all offshore islands, please phone 0800 612 9637 for prices

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Sandbags have traditionally been made from hessian or jute material. This material meant that sandbags could be filled with sharp sand and used effectively as a flexible tool to make any size or shape of of a wall of sandbags. Hessian sandbags were ideal for many uses as the material is completely biodegradable and so, when the sandbags had served their purpose, they would naturally rot away and decompose.

Over the years, sand bags have been developed and are now made in other materials for different purposes. Woven polypropylene has seen much development over the years and now millions of sandbags are now made using this material. Polypropylene sandbags or "Poly sandbags" are non-biodegradable and so can serve a different purpose. Sometimes sandbags are required to dam a stream or part of a river, in which case, polypropylene sandbags are an ideal solution as they will last longer submerged in water. Extended exposure to sunlight will accelerate the degrading process of woven polypropylene sandbags.

For this reason, heavy duty sandbags have been developed, these bags incorporate a UV stabiliser which helps the material to resist sunlight. However, this does not make heavy duty sandbags indestructible. If the intensity of the sun is very strong, and the heavy duty sandbags are exposed for long periods of time, then there is no stopping the degrading process of the sandbags will still occur. It is always recommended, no matter what you are using your sandbags for, to cover them up with a black or coloured sheet and tuck it in as best you can. This will protect the sandbags by absorbing most of the sunlight and always preventing debris and water from attacking the sandbags.

Overall, sandbags are an excellent tool for flood defence, but have to be looked after and used correctly for you to make the most out of your sandbags.


New Products Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of unfilled heavy duty UV stabilised sandbags available to buy now in our online shop. The shop is very easy to use and allows you to purchase small quantities of unfilled hessian sandbags, unfilled polypropylene sandbags, unfilled rot proof sandbags, unfilled heavy duty UV stabilised sandbags and filled heavy duty UV stabilised sandbags. Click here to buy sand bags.

Filled Sandbags are a Must!

Filled sandbags are a necessity in preventing floods, and we are recommending to everyone who lives in an area which is at a risk of possible to stock up on filled sandbags. An average household has three doors, of which each will need at least 12 filled sandbags to create an effective flood defence wall. Garages are also a potential opening for flood water. How big is your garage? Please bear in mind that even though an empty sandbag measures 75cm in length, once the sandbag is filled, it will measure approximately 50cm. So if your garage is 3 metres across, you will need 6 x 4 layers of filled sandbags, meaning another 24 filled sandbags will be essential to keep flood water from entering your garage.

This is based on a minimal flood water threat. If the flood waters threat is very high and a lot of water is expected, get prepared and build the wall of filled sandbags higher and deeper for maximum protection.

You can get prepared by going to our online shop and buying your filled sandbags before the floods arrvie. Buy sandbags Now.

How much sand does a sandbag need?

If the sandbags are filled with 25kg of sand, they become more rigid and less flexible therefore making building a wall more of a problem. It may be more difficult to securely position the filled sandbags so it is recommended to fill the sandbag with approximately 15kg of sand.

Secondly, if a sandbag is filled with too much sand, gaps may appear in the wall and therefore let more water through when water builds up pressure. Using filled sandbags containing around 15kgs of sand allows the sandbags to be pressed down to make a more effective water barrier.

All of our filled sandbags are filled with 15kg of sharp sand, to enable effective flood defence walls to be built. If you are thinking of buying empty sandbags and filling them yourself, we would strongly recommend that you do not fill the sandbags completely.

Black Heavy Duty Sandbags

New in, black heavy duty sandbags, with UV protection. These black sandbags are ideal for blending in with certain landscapes, such as river work, where white sandbags would stand out and upset the surrounding scenery.

Black heavy duty sandbags are here to bring you more options in your sandbag applications. These sun resistant sandbags can be supplied filled or unfilled. Filled sandbags will come with approximately 15kg of sharp sand to enable effective wall building.

Call SG Baker to enquire about Black heavy duty filled or unfilled sandbags today on 0800 612 9637 to order.

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